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About Us

Jinjiang Shangli Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Jinjiang, the capital of Fujian brand. It specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of automatic conveying equipment for powder, granule and packaging products, and environmental protection ventilation and dust removal equipment. The company's products include: automatic conveyor equipment series, environmental protection equipment, ingredient packaging equipment. The company has become a complete set of automation for food, oil, food, feed, building materials, chemicals, textiles, medicine and logistics.

Pipeline professional manufacturing equipment factory; from the screening, grinding, grading, batching, mixing, weighing, packaging, smashing, stacking beams and other processes to form a supporting system, and strive to make the company into a collection of automation design, development, manufacturing, installation, after-sales service An integrated modern enterprise.

Over the years, the company has focused on product development and the cultivation of professional talents. With reference to advanced technologies at home and abroad, the company is committed to developing market-oriented needs with innovative concepts, creating a high level of mechanical industrial automation systems and environmental protection equipment. The process consists of mechanical, negative pressure, dilute phase and dense phase to support the automation of the whole system. The level of automation technology and environmental protection equipment is pushed to a more professional and scientific development concept, and efforts are made to implement the national 12th Five-year energy conservation and emission reduction work. More pragmatic to achieve consulting, planning, design, manufacturing, installation, and after-sales service in every aspect of the market, with advanced technology, stable quality, integrity and spirit of cooperation and dedication to service, reduced for our customers Cost of production.