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The working principle of LS type screw conveyor is small and classified

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2019/03/01 15:24
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Why must the shaft end be pressed during the operation of the screw conveyor?
In the screw conveyors used in metallurgy, mining and chemical enterprises, the shaft end gland is widely used with packing seals. Since the pulverized coal has a particle size of 200 mesh, it is in the form of fine powder.
And there is a certain degree of fluidity, so often because the head end of the conveyor is not tightly sealed, many coal powder is leaked. Used asbestos packing, oil-impregnated wool felt, oil-impregnated asbestos rope
And flexible graphite ring as a sealing filler, but the effect of leak detection is not ideal. Every day, coal powder leaks out of the equipment, which is wasteful and pollutes the environment, affecting civilized students.
Production. Why must the shaft end be pressed during the operation of the screw conveyor?
Tested on a screw conveyor, that is, drilling a through hole, tapping, and adding a grease nipple on the outer ring of the flange of the head packing gland, and processing two oil grooves in the wall of the gland hole and
The nozzle holes are connected. Use a grease gun to press the grease from the nozzle and make it into the oil groove, fill the gap between the surface of the rotating shaft and the inner hole of the gland, the original asbestos
The packing remains unchanged. This structure allows the pulverized coal to be sealed several times to achieve a good sealing effect. After field tests, the conveyor with the nozzle is obviously superior to the unmodified one.
It has been proven by practice that this method is effective and can extend the life of the screw shaft.
Reminders need to pay attention to the following two points:
1. The grease must be filled once every 3-4 days in the gland, otherwise the pulverized coal will still leak if the grease is consumed or dried.
2. After each installation and disassembly, the booting screw should be tightened for about one month after starting the machine, so that the packing is tightly attached to the shaft. But you don't have to press too tight, you can follow the actual situation later.
Condition the gland bolts.
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